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Established in year 2000, EZFLASH has been a well-known flash card manufacturer. It's one of a few companies which have independent technology development abilities and it has become the leader of the flash card industry.

Ever since the GBA era, EZFLASH has provided high quality,excellent performance products and good service to the players, making their gaming expenriences more convenient and comfortable. This has been EZFLSH's business philosophy and keeps pushing the development of the flash card industry.

EZ stands for EASY.Making the high-performance product more easy to use, and making player's life more rich have been the eternal topics of EZFLASH team's meetings. By launching new technologies constantly and through persistant effort in development and manufacturing, EZFLASH have produced many GBA and NDS relate producs which are widely welcomed by players. Until now, they have launched the 5th generation of the technology. Meanwhile, by providing continues support and upgrade to products and its software to perfect the function and usage of the products, EZFLASH definitely ensures the player's interest.