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The 3DS system update to 4.4.0-10x.

Posted on 24th Sep 2012 @ 10:47 PM

Nintendo 3DS users Attention please !!!!

The 3DS system update to 4.4.0-10x, official information indicates improved security. We research Immediately and found out that the 3DS system update detect save IC on the PCB.

1. From the current market, most of the cards are without save IC, so be blocked now. Therefore, this is the hardware defect, software can not solve.

2. Part of the card on the market have save IC, but the main control program has been burned to fixed (FPGA program). So user can not solve this problem too, unless return to the factory.

So, 95% of the card in the world will be blocked, you players please note it.

From now on, flash card support 3DS 4.4.0-10x " are DSTWO (released upgrade file already here and R4I Gold 3DS (released video only, the upgrade file will release within a week). Please do not upgrade your 3DS console version to 4.4.0-10x until make sure your flashcard will support the latest version.

Please keep focus on the website update news~