Affiliate Referal Program

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Affiliate Referal Program

The ARP (Affiliate Referal Program) has two simple purposes:

  • you advertise by spreading the word about our awesome deals
  • you get store credit or cash for each sale that you helped bring to

This help page details the procedure and answers some of the most common questions.

Spread the word

The first step towards getting store credit or money, is for you to help spread the word about We need you to place links to on your website, forum signature, and anywhere you want.

Be careful though, not all links will count as affiliate link. If you use a simple URL, there is nothing that allows us to identify your account. You need to create an affiliate link that includes your affiliate ID (affiliate ID is your Customers ID. Register a User account from us, when you login into My Account, You will find it.).

Creating an affiliate link is simple. Just select any URL that you find on our website, and append ?ref=0.(Please replace the "0" with your affiliate ID) For example, the top banner links to the home page: Simply append ?ref=0 to it, and it becomes:

Let's take another example. Visit the R4i SDHC product page by clicking here. Copy the address that appears in your web browser address bar: Append ?ref=0 to it, and you're set:

Share your affiliate links anywhere:

  • on your website: by posting links in your articles, on your pages
  • on forums you frequent: by adding those links in your signature or in your posts (if allowed)
  • tell your friends about by giving them your affiliate links
  • post blog articles about the products we sell and recommend our store, using your affiliate links
  • anything you can think of: use your imagination!

When someone clicks your affiliate link, their web browser will "remember you". If they place an order on within 15 days after clicking one of your links, the sale will be attributed to you and you will receive 10% of the total order amount (excluding shipping). The money you receive comes under the form of store credit (You can use this Store Credit to buy products from us or when your balance exceeds $50, you can ask our withdraw your store credit to your paypal account..

Links and banners

In order to create prettier links, you may want to use the logos and banner that we offer. This is generally more eye-friendly and could potentially lead more visitors in, which means you get more money.

The banners that we currently offer you can visit affiliate banners also you can create your own banners.

The following links provide ready to use code for various situations.

For forum signatures (BBCode):

  • small logo image with your affiliate link:
  • a simple affiliate text link:

For websites (HTML code):

  • small logo image with your affiliate link:
  • a simple affiliate text link:

Example raw links (no code):

  • link to our home page:
  • link to our flash cart section:
  • link to the R4i SDHC product page:

Copy and paste those bits of code wherever you want to spread the word about!

Make money

You've already placed affiliate links and you're wondering if it's paying off yet. There are two ways to know. First head over to your account page. It will tell you how much store credit you currently have. To get more details about each sale you've helped bring to R4DS-DS, check out the Affiliate Referal Program page.

You may spend your store credit by placing orders on On the checkout page, it will ask you how you want to pay for your order: at this point you can make use of your store credit. If you've reached $50 on your store credit balance, you may send a withdrawal request at the Contact US Form, For security reasons you have to send the e-mail using the address that you used for registering the account. Simply tell us your PayPal account and the amount you wish to withdraw, and we will send you a payment shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Great, so how do I join the affiliate program?
All you need is a customer account on Create one by clicking here!

Q: How much money do I get?
For each sale that you helped bring to, you will be getting 10% of the total order amount, excluding shipping costs.

Q: Do I get money or store credit or what?
Every time you help bring a sale to, you receive store credit when the order gets shipped. Store credit is money that you can spend for purchasing products that we sell on However when your store credit reaches $50 you are allowed to make a withdrawal request.

Q: How much credit do I need to have before I turn it into actual cash?
When your store credit reaches $50, you can send a cash withdrawal request at the Contact US Form. For security reasons, the request must be sent from the e-mail address that you used for registering your account. Please indicate the amount you wish to withdraw (must be $50 or over).

Q: At which point do I get credited for a sale?
You receive store credit when an order you helped bring to gets shipped to the customer (at the exact moment our staff marks the order as "shipped"). We cannot credit your account before this step, because customers may cancel their order at any time before it gets shipped.

Q: If the customer's order gets refunded, do you take back the credit?
No, if a customer wants to get a refund (after their order has been shipped) we will not take back the credit that has been given to you.

Q: How does the system work, technically?
When someone clicks on your affiliate links, your affiliate ID gets stored in the visitor's browser cookies for 15 days. If they place an order on within those 15 days, you will get credited for the sale. If they click your affiliate link again, the cookie expiration date will be pushed back to 15 days. For the system to work, visitors clicking on your affiliate link must be using browsers that allow cookies.

Q: I've sent a cash request. How long will I be waiting to get my money?
Payment requests usually get processed immediately, You should will received this money in 1-2 business days..

Q: Why do I have to send my cash request from the same e-mail address I used to register my account?
We need to make sure that the person who is requesting the money is the person that actually owns the affiliate account.

Q: Can I use another payment method for withdrawing my store credit?
No, at this point we only offer PayPal. However if the transfer amount exceeds $1000 you may want to contact us for discussing other options (eg. bank transfer).

Q: I sent a cash withdrawal request of XXX. Why did I receive a little less than that?
When sending money via PayPal, PayPal charges you with a small fee. In the case of affiliate payments the fee is to be handled by the recipient of the transfer (you). Be reassured though as the fee is relatively small.

Q: Can I receive my money in a different currency (not USD) ?
No, at this point we only offer to send payments in USD.

Q: If someone clicks on my affiliate link, then clicks on someone else's affiliate link, what happens?
If a visitor clicks your affiliate link, a cookie gets stored in their browser (cookie name is "ref"). If they click another affiliate link with a different "ref", the value gets replaced in the cookie with the new "ref", so our system loses track of your affiliate ID. The latest "ref" gets credited for the sale.

Q: Do I get credited when I place an order myself?
No, you only get credited when other people place orders.

Q: Someone definitely clicked on my affiliate link and made a purchase, but I didn't get credited for it!?
There may be a thousand reasons why this happened. First, the visitor's browser may not allow or support cookies. Second, the visitor's browser may have "private navigation" mode enabled. Third, the visitor may have cleared its cache or cookies. Fourth, they may have placed their order after the initial 14 days. Fifth, their order might not have been shipped yet (you get credited when the order gets shipped). Sixth, your link may have provided the wrong affiliate ID. Seventh, the visitor may have clicked another affiliate link (from a different affiliate) after having clicked yours. Etc.