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Shipping Methods

We currently offer 3 shipping methods for you to choose according to your budget. We ship packages worldwide, regardless of your location. However, some of the shipping methods that we offer may not be available in your country. The shipping rates may also vary depending on your country of residence. Please read below for more information.

  • Hong-Kong Airmail Free Shipping: read
  • Hong-Kong Registered Air Mail: read
  • DHL/UPS/EMS Express Delivery: read

100% Free Shipping

This option guarantees that your order gets shipped for free, via Hong-Kong Airmail. The shipping delays greatly differ depending on your country of residence. You may receive your order under 2 to 5 weeks.

For this shipping method, we will not include the large products packaging. Some flashcarts come in relatively large boxes that can render the shipping fee too expensive. Most of the shops that offer Free Shipping also remove the packaging before sending products, only, they don't warn you beforehand. Note that for higher value orders, packaging will always be included and your parcel will be sent using Registered Airmail (read sections below). If you want the packaging included regardless of the order value, choose the "HongKong Registered Air Mail" shipping.

Also, please be aware that free shipping does not apply to all countries. If you are not offered a free shipping option during checkout, this usually means that your home country is currently not eligible for free shipping. We are working hard to increase the number of countries we offer free shipping to and apologize for any inconvenience. This limitation is imposed by our couriers and not by R4DS-DS.

Hong-Kong Registered Air Mail

The Hong-Kong Registered Airmail method is similar to the method above: your order is shipped normally. Again delays vary from 2 to 5 weeks depending on your country of residence.

This method ensures that your parcel is registered and a tracking number is given to you to let you track the parcel during the shipping process. The tracking number is sent to you by email automatically, and you may also find it at any time from the order status page.

Please note that tracking registered airmail is not anywhere near as accurate as courier serivces own tracking systems, such as DHL and UPS. Tracking details will often not appear for several days after shipping so please be patient. We recommend you use DHL or UPS if you want to keep track of your parcel easier.

Rates start at $3.0 regardless of the order size and weight, and the higher the value of your order, the lesser the rate. If your order total is $50 or over, this method becomes completely free.

DHL/UPS Express Shipping

The DHL and UPS Express shipping methods are the fastest available. By choosing Express shipping, we will select the best Express shipping method corresponding to your location. By default, we always use DHL or UPS (same delivery delays). You will usually receive your order within 3 to 5 business days after your order is shipped. You can track your order very accurately and at any time.

Rates range from $25 to $0.00 (for orders over $300). There is no fixed rate: the higher amount your order is, the cheaper the shipping will be!

Important note: if your geographical location is considered "Remote Area" by UPS or DHL, we will not be able to ship your order using either delivery companies (it would require an extra $25 fee which by default we believe the customer is not willing to pay). So we will automatically revert to EMS, which takes slightly longer, usually 3 to 7 business days. Please use this webpage to check whether or not your area is considered remote.

If you have any other question or enquiry, please feel free to contact our customer support.