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R4i SDHC 3DS Card

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R4i 3DS Card: R4i SDHC 3DS Card

The R4i SDHC Revolution Card for Nintendo 3DS,DSi /DSi XL, DS Lite is released by www.r4i-sdhc.com .The R4i SDHC 3DS was one of the early flash card that support Nintendo 3DS Console . The R4i 3DS Card allow the 3DS player to run DS homebrew games on 3DS system. Like other ds game card ,the R4i SDHC only support 2DS games don't support 3DS games .

Until now ,the R4i-SDHC 3DS supports Nintendo 3DS V7.1.0-15J/ E /U and DSi / XL/ LL V1.4.5

R4i SDHC 3DS Card Functionality:
  • Support the Latest N3DS perfectly..
  • Realtime skin/themes change function(support random skin/themes selection mode).
  • Able to memorize and restore to the previously selected game or application after restarting machine and soft reset.
  • Able to recognise and display SD card type, volume and type of formating.
  • Sleep mode function,for power saving and longer standby time.
  • User friendly interface,easy to operate.
  • Uses MicroSD card FAT 16 or 32.
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game.
  • supports Clean ROM.drag and drop.Works on any OS.
  • Buit NoPass.
  • Supports Moonshell and other homeberw.Open I/O interface.
  • SUpports the WIFI-game.DS Rumble Pak.DS Browser.
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • Integrated latest MoonShell 2.0 Beta version.
  • DLDI auto-patch.
  • Users just one click away from playable games download.
  • WiFi search engine function available with NDS/NDSi/NDSiLL.Users are able to search and download the games and the latest game information according to their own preferences anytime,anywhere.
  • You will be able to manage your NDS/NDSi/NDSiLL download by distance contorl through WiFi once you install our Wi-Fi Engine Assistant on your computer.
  • Users only need to click on the games they want to download on NDS/NDSi/NDSiLL and the games can be downloaded automatically to the assigned computers.
  • This can avoid the annoyance of waiting during the download process.
  • Through our PC-based Wi-Fi Engine Assistant software,it is able to download our website's NDS games quickly and easily.
  • Core upgrade automatically through WiFi of NDS/NDSi/NDSiLL to avoid tedious upgrading steps.

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  1. Firmware

    Posted by Cheapass on 1st Jun 2012

    What kind of firmware does it support????

  2. What ROMs does this support?

    Posted by Just some random Guy that really wants a retro ROM NDS cartridge. on 26th May 2012

    E.g :NDS,GBA,GBC,GB,SNES,NES,NGC,N64,Any old Sega and Even though I doubt it Wii and 3DS?

    Your Help will be much appreciated.
    All the NDS GAMES

    I don't have that's why I rated average.

  3. how do i update the R4i Firmware with a 3ds that has the most recent firmware

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd May 2012

    my 3ds has a firmware of 4.1.0-8U will i be able to update the R4i to be able to run on this firmware?

  4. Silly question

    Posted by Unknown on 16th May 2012

    I'm new to this and I don't know how this works. First of all does this only work for games? 2. How do you transfer files? Does it come with a usb or anything? 3. Do you just use a microSD , SD card or both? I know very silly questions but I want to know

  5. supported consoles

    Posted by Unknown on 7th May 2012

    what are all the consoles this card supports like nes snes gba gbc any information is helpfull thnx:)

  6. Shipping?

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2012

    Does it ship worlwide?

  7. 3ds games?

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Apr 2012

    Will the R4 ever have an update to fully support 3DS games eventually?

  8. 3ds

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2012

    hi dose the r4 3ds card play 3ds roms or is it not possable

  9. 3ds

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Apr 2012

    hi dose the r4 3ds card play 3ds roms or is it not possable

  10. nintendo 3ds firmaware

    Posted by Maria on 9th Apr 2012

    hello, does it work on v3.0.0.6

  11. How easy?

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Apr 2012

    Is it as easy as just dragging and dropping ROM files into folders and popping the card into my 3DS, or do I need to download emulators too? If you just drag and drop files is there instruction somewhere for what kind of file directories you need to save on the card or is it automatic?

  12. Firmware

    Posted by Lennard on 29th Mar 2012

    Does this card work with the new 3DS version 3.0.06e? Because i am planning to buy a new 3DS card and i dont want to buy a card that cant support the latest version?

  13. Delivery

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Mar 2012

    I ordered the card almost 2 weeks ago and was wondering how long it would take for the card to arrive?

  14. quick question

    Posted by soul albarn on 15th Mar 2012

    now the first r4 i got was a fake it said so when i tried the new software but regarless it let me use a gba emulaor will this one let me do the same?

  15. Firmware

    Posted by Carlos on 9th Mar 2012

    Try a lot of different firmware, can't seem to get one that works. Can someone please tell me which firmware works best with this card. Its for a 3ds. Thanks in advance.

    As requested,
    Here is the official download website:
    Have a nice day~

  16. Does it support 3DS v3.00

    Posted by Shrestha on 6th Mar 2012

    Does this product support 3DS version 3.00?

    Yes it can support all the Nintendo at any version.
    Include the latest v3.0.06

  17. Dsi games??

    Posted by tntodynamite on 5th Mar 2012

    does it play all the games except form 3ds games?
    as you said it plays ds games, but can it play all of them, including the latest DSi games?
    Currently all the flash card can not support the 3DS games.
    Well if you need to run the latest DSi games,
    You may need to focus on the latest release firmware
    fix for the newest games.

  18. Question

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Feb 2012

    Does this card work with v3.0.0-6U?

  19. DSiWARE

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2012

    hi, i want to buy this product, but i was just wondering: can you play DSiWARE from this card? and when there is an update so it CAN play 3ds roms, will I be able to update my card? also is it 100% guerantee that it will work on my 3ds? I do not want to buy a card that does not work... THANK YOU!!! ;D

  20. Quick Question

    Posted by Mike on 20th Feb 2012

    Sorry, I'm new to these. Do you plug them into a Computer, or just use the 3ds internet?
    Please use the USB reader connect your Micro SD card to the PC, download the firmware also copy the games,then re-insert into R4i Card, insert R4i Card into your 3DS.

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